Blogging and life

I have so busy with college, then in summer I went out with friends to travel in Europe. It was great fun and happy time. I learned and enjoyed a lot.

Now, back home and classes again. There is so much to catch up to. I am taking classes but my mind is back in to traveling again and see if I am serious enough to make blogging work. So far I have not been.

I have been reading many problogger and blogger blogs and getting inspired. I find a few great ways to find and see how to make money via blogging.

I am on free blogger, I am thinking once I make some money I should move in to a my own hosted account. What do you all think? I was searching and I find a great link that I want to share about bluehost, check it out.

best bluehost Review , is one of the better and unbiased reviews I have read. You can check out more at Blog Success Resource for more information.

If I ever go, I might go with bluehost, they do sound good!

What web hosting do you use?