More fun ways to make money

I found some pretty nifty ideas on how to make money, thought I share with you. Some are very easy and doable by anyone, even teens. So what are you waiting for? Go for it. I am going to try out one of these for sure.

How to make baby gift basket and sell it This article has also neat you tube video to show you how to do it. Check it out below.


Pretty neat? Huh? Check out more Lynn Murphy at her you tube video channel here . She has other cool ideas to make and use for gifts or sell and make money. I am going to make a basket for my aunt, who is expecting a baby, and it will be cheap enough cost wise for me too and I think she will love it.


Fun Ways to make money

Having fun and making money sounds like a win-win situation right? Check out some of these ideas, some are cool, some are weird and some I will not touch it. What to you think?

Sarah from Wise bread wrote about 8 fun ways to make money: Read below;

None of these will make you independently wealthy or even allow you to quit your day job (unless you get a serious dose of luck along with your ingenuity), but they just might let you get enough cash to fund something special.

1. Do something (apparently anything!) with your bike. I never would have thought of most of these, but some of them sound plausible (and fun).

2. Turn your car into a advertisement. The guys at WikiHow tell you what to do.

3. Teach a class on something you're good at. Most areas have a community center or a YMCA that will allow you to put your class in their monthly or quarterly brochure.

4. Sell custom T-Shirts (and hats and mugs and more!)from an online store.

5. Help people plan their weddings. You don't have to be a professional or take on the whole job yourself. Just make yourself available to do research or make inquiries, charge less than a full-on wedding planner, and voila, you've created not only a job, but a new industry.

6. Turn old clothes into new ones, and sell them on eBay.

7. Market yourself as a shopping/personal assistant. Start out donating your skills to the elderly and shut-in. When they tell their friends and families how great you are, they just might have a job for you, too.

8. Start your own "rent my inflatable jumper for you kid's birthday party" business. It takes a little capital, but should pay off fairly quickly (quicker in some parts of the country, like LA, than in others). Better yet, buy a themed jumper and offer to put on the whole party for more cash.

For further info and original article, see here . Enjoy.