Fun Ways to make money

Having fun and making money sounds like a win-win situation right? Check out some of these ideas, some are cool, some are weird and some I will not touch it. What to you think?

Sarah from Wise bread wrote about 8 fun ways to make money: Read below;

None of these will make you independently wealthy or even allow you to quit your day job (unless you get a serious dose of luck along with your ingenuity), but they just might let you get enough cash to fund something special.

1. Do something (apparently anything!) with your bike. I never would have thought of most of these, but some of them sound plausible (and fun).

2. Turn your car into a advertisement. The guys at WikiHow tell you what to do.

3. Teach a class on something you're good at. Most areas have a community center or a YMCA that will allow you to put your class in their monthly or quarterly brochure.

4. Sell custom T-Shirts (and hats and mugs and more!)from an online store.

5. Help people plan their weddings. You don't have to be a professional or take on the whole job yourself. Just make yourself available to do research or make inquiries, charge less than a full-on wedding planner, and voila, you've created not only a job, but a new industry.

6. Turn old clothes into new ones, and sell them on eBay.

7. Market yourself as a shopping/personal assistant. Start out donating your skills to the elderly and shut-in. When they tell their friends and families how great you are, they just might have a job for you, too.

8. Start your own "rent my inflatable jumper for you kid's birthday party" business. It takes a little capital, but should pay off fairly quickly (quicker in some parts of the country, like LA, than in others). Better yet, buy a themed jumper and offer to put on the whole party for more cash.

For further info and original article, see here . Enjoy.


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