Make money writing

I have been lot of research and learning and finishing my college.

I have found a few ways you can make money writing or selling articles.

You can write for Squidoo and make some money by writing something they called lenses. If you have not heard of it, you can check it out here Squidoo registration

You can also make money by writing for hubpages, for more information check out make money writing hubs . It is very informative.

You can learn How to make money writing books check out these tips.

Check out Writing help for income for more ideas on how to make money writing.

There are ezine articles and other websites where you can post your posts or articles but some do not pay you for it. They are still good ways to make yourself marketable.

How do you make money? I got to go and do some research and write up tons of articles.

Stay tuned for my experience. Share yours.

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