Getting paid for online survey: Cash Crate

If you are at least 13 years old and live in US or other English speaking countries, you can join this free program called Cash Crate . It is offered in other countries on limited bases so check it out before you throw away this idea.

So what is Cash Crate ? It is online survey site, most of the surveys are free does not cost you anything, and can pay you anywhere from 0.25 to $20 for each survey.  Here is little blurb from the Cash Crate website;

"Companies need consumers to try and review products, services, and websites and are willing to pay money to have them do so. Most of the time you're asked to do this without any compensation, what we do is take the money companies give us for your participation, and give you back up to 75% of it! That's free cash for you!"

To sign up and join free, go here Cash Crate sign up . Joining takes about 1 minute, it is free and you can start earning money, they also have short tutorial video to get you started. You will not become millionaire doing this but some people make good money every month. I have recently joined, so can not show you my earnings yet but in future I will see how it works in to my multiple streams of income plan. 

Also, you can make money by referring other people to Cash Crate like myself here, and you will earn some money doing that as well.  What do you have to lose? It is free and takes only few minutes to do a few surveys and you choose which surveys to do and which ones to pass on. Good luck. 

For more information, check out thier website Cash Crate .
If you are already using it, I would like to know, how it is working out for you and if you have any tips to share. I will be posting other helpful information on how to maximize your earnings from Cash Crate soon to share with you, so you can earn more and work smartly. 


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