Welcome to my journey to make money online and offline and keeping most of the money you have earned. If you are laid off, stay at home parent or tired of working at your job, this might be the place for you.

There are so many blogs and websites claims to know and show how they make millions of dollars in their sleep. But, they really never show you in details how to do it, so when you read these reports you get pumped up but can not take any hard and real action to doing that for yourself.

Frankly, I do not know any quick and easy way to start earning million tomorrow, but there are legitimate ways all of us can make money, even in this bad economy, if you just plan and organize yourself.

Key is to have many small multiple sources of income, so if due to economy, if one income goes down, you still have another trickle stream of income coming in still and you can still keep your house and live reasonably well. I am not money expert, nor I claim to be. I am not yet millionare but I am on journey to get financial freedom. Hopefully, we can learn various and easy ways to make money on internet and real life too.

We will explore different ways to add to your income, slowly. Would you join me?


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