How do you make money online?

There are a lot of guides and websites out there, touting it can make you a big cash reserve and making $5000 or more per month. How many are real and possible for average person to make and how much it if fluff, a mirage?

I am planning to be guinea pig and sign up for a few and show you review for it, little by little as there is lot of information overload out there. How to make sense of it all? what is legitimate and what is not?

If anyone has a tips or suggestions, please share it here for all the readers who can benefit.

Many money blogs tell you spend less than you earn, and penny pinch and pay off debts. That is all good advise, but it will not make you rich.

Here are some general suggestions;

1) if you are in credit card debt, first pay it off. As you might be losing 10-25% of it in interest payment only.
2) while you are getting off the ground, save money
3) open up a business, I will review how to do that steps by step guide.
4) find a niche market to sell other people's products
5) create your own products and sell those.
6) generate a traffic to your site, e-commerce or blog website.
7) join social media, or SEO to optimize your website.
8) write a book, ebook or e report and sell it.
9) Partner with someone to create a joint product, win-win situation in some cases.
10) Always look for an opportunity to expand business, and help others.

How do you do it?


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